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Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) is published twice monthly online and annually in print by the ASCB.  It includes original and scholarly research reports that contribute significantly to the scientific understanding of the molecular basis of cell structure and function.  It also offers compelling, provocative, and useful Features, including Perspectives on science, policy, and careers; Retrospectives by scientists who have made key contributions to cell biology; ASCB Meeting Highlights; and much more. Click here to review previous editions.

Two special print editions of articles from MBoC will be given to all attendees at the 2014 ascb/ifcb Meeting – Quantitative Biology and Award Essays. This means you can reach thousands of cell biologists in one swoop!  Promote your products with an ad in one or both of these popular publications.

QUANTITATIVE BIOLOGY: Featuring invited Perspectives and peer-reviewed research articles focused on Quantitative Biology.  This collection, with ASCB President Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz serving as Guest Editor, will emphasize work at the intersection of cell biology and the physical/computational sciences. It recognizes the profound influence that concepts and technologies from these fields are having on cell biology and may include articles on:

  • Quantitative imaging
  • Superresolution imaging techniques and their application
  • Biophysical properties of cells and cell structures
  • Computational and mathematical modeling
  • Systems studies of cell signaling and complex physiological processes
  • Innovative physical or computation approaches to cell biology problems

AWARD ESSAYS: Featuring essays by recipients of 2014 ASCB awards. ASCB Award Essays have proved to be full of insight and inspiration for scientists at all career stages. This is a volume that attendees will keep for future reference.

Your ad will be highly visible to all cell biologists attending the 2014 ascb/ifcb Meeting. After January 1, 2015, Copies of the special issues—including the ads—will be publicly available online.

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