Abstract Information

Abstract Submission is now closed.

The ASCB has implemented a new abstract submission process and system for 2014!

We heard you and we have made the following changes to our abstract submission system:

  • No more member sponsorship of abstracts. Members and nonmembers are able to submit as many abstracts as they like without the need for a member sponsor.
  • Tiered pricing for member and nonmember submissions. Nonmembers will pay a higher submission fee if they choose not to join the ASCB.
  • One-stop shop for abstract submission and ASCB membership payments. A new integrated system will allow submitters to join the ASCB or renew their membership without having to leave the abstract submission site, adding all payments to one shopping cart.
  • The ability to copy abstract text, including special characters, directly from Microsoft Word or another text editor into the submission system.
  • Character counters for the abstract title and text, displayed as you type.
  • Preview area that shows submitters what their abstract will look like and allows them to edit it and see the changes as they type.
  • Easier input of author data. Users will have the ability to clone the affiliation of any author, in addition to the ability to search for authors already in the system and add them to the abstract without having to rekey the information.
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