Symposia and Minisymposia Presentation Guidelines

Speaker Lounge Check-In Procedures

Please come to the Speaker Lounge (Room 115B in the Pennsylvania Convention Center) a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your talk. It benefits you to bring at least a preliminary version of your presentation as early as possible so there will be time to correct any issues that may arise. If necessary, you can replace it with an updated version within the time frame listed below.

Upon arrival at the Speaker Lounge, a technician will check you in and upload your presentation. You will be assigned a preview station to review and edit your presentation and to see exactly how it will appear in your session room.

Please make every effort to finalize your presentation for afternoon sessions by 3:30 pm that day.

Speaker Lounge personnel are not responsible for your devices, i.e., memory cards, disks, laptops, power cords, etc.

Even if you are attending the meeting only for the day of your talk, you should come to the Speaker Lounge as early as possible. This will allow time to load your files onto the presentation server and make sure it is working properly on our systems. An audiovisual technician will be on duty in each individual session room to ensure a smooth transition between speakers, answer any equipment questions, and adjust lighting and sound levels to your requirements.

Session Room Check-in Procedures

Please arrive at your session room 30 minutes prior to your session start time. Each room will have a projectionist to assist you with any technical needs. When you arrive at the session room, please introduce yourself to the projectionist and state whether your presentation is a PC or a MAC. When it is your time to talk, the projectionist will open your PowerPoint™ presentation and start the slide show. On the lectern, there will be a mouse, keyboard, and monitor for a MAC. If a PC is needed, that will be available as well.

Internet connectivity is not available in the speaker lounge and session rooms.


Speaker Lounge Hours

The Speaker Lounge is located in Room 115B of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The hours of operation are:

  • 8:00 am–6:00 pm on Saturday, December 6
  • 7:00 am–6:30 pm on Sunday, December 7 through Tuesday, December 9
  • 7:30 am–11:00 am on Wednesday, December 10

Audiovisual & Computer Equipment

Audiovisual equipment in each workshop session room will include:

  • Confidence Monitor
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Processor: Multi Core Intel i5 or better
  • Computer switcher to switch between PC and MAC
  • OS 10.6 (or better)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 at 24-bit color depth
  • Microsoft Office 2011
  • Keynote ’09 (iWork ’09)
  • QuickTime (latest version)
  • Flash Player (latest version)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest version)
  • Pen-style laser pointer in single screen rooms (not available in dual screen rooms).
  • Audio direct box for computer audio connection to the meeting room PA system
  • Table microphone
  • Lectern microphone
  • Audience Q&A floor microphone 
  • Microphone mixer

For best results, PowerPoint 2007/2010 (PC) & 2008/2011 (Mac) users should save their presentations in those versions’ native.pptx format, and not in the PowerPoint ’97-2003 format.

Be aware that embedded media clips are not saved as part of your PowerPoint presentation and that the actual video or audio files need to be on the computer you will be presenting from. You will need to supply those files along with your PowerPoint file when you check into the Speaker Lounge.

*If your presentation contains any video or audio, please bring your files to the Speaker Lounge AT LEAST 24 hours in advance, due to additional processing time that may be required.

Even if you plan to present from your own laptop, please plan to bring the latest version of your presentation to the meeting on one of the following media types as a safety backup for your talk.

  • USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive (any brand that does not require drivers)
  • CD ROM (CD-R, CD+R)
  • CD+-RW and DVD+-RW (not recommended)
  • Memory Card (Memory Stick, MicroDrive, Secure Digital, Multimedia, Smart Media, Compact Flash)

Presentation Guidelines

Steps to ensure your success:


  • It is imperative that you check your movies in the Speaker Lounge if your presentation contains video files.
  • Please be observant of the size of your video files. A video file can be just as effective at a lower resolution.

PC Users

  • We can only accept movies that have been created with standard compression codecs that are in use by Windows. Save your files as .wmv, .avi or .mpg.

Mac Users

  • Cinepak
  • Mpeg 1/2
  • MS Mpeg 4
  • DivX
  • XviD
  • Windows Media Video (wmv)
  • Use QuickTime .mov files for any movies on Macintosh computers that are supplied at the meeting.
  • QuickTime is not native to Windows computers. PowerPoint only supports QuickTime movies up to version 2.5
  • If you plan to show your presentation on a PC, create your movies as .wmv or .avi files. Movies saved as .wmv/.avi have the best chance of success on a Windows machine.
  • You can convert your movies to the mpeg format in QuickTime Pro.
  • Use Cinepak for compression instead of Sorenson.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT DVDs: If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please be sure to test the DVD for compatibility in the Speaker Lounge.

For More Information

Please review the ProjectionNET Presentation Style Guide at for more information about preparing your presentation, helpful hints for designing and presenting your talk, and tips to avoid incompatibilities and minimize potential challenges onsite.

If you have other technical questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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