Editing and Withdrawing Abstracts

Editing an Abstract

Only the abstract text and the presentation preferences/topic selection can be edited by the submitter after a submission is complete. If you need anything else edited prior to the submission deadline, please contact abstracts@ascb.org.

To edit your abstract text or presentation preferences prior to the submission deadline, please log into the submission site and select the blue pencil icon next to the abstract you wish to edit. Make and preview your changes, and be sure to select Save and Exit at the bottom.’

Abstracts cannot be edited after the submission date. If it must urgently be edited, and is before the notification date associated with your submission deadline, contact abstracts@ascb.org to see if we can assist you. The ASCB cannot guarantee an abstract can be edited after the submission deadlines, but we will do our best to assist you.

Withdrawing an Abstract

Before the abstract deadline, you can return to the abstract submission site and withdraw your abstract (if you have already paid, you will not receive a refund, as abstracts are nonrefundable).

After the abstract deadline, requests for abstract withdrawal, so your abstract is not peer-reviewed, must be via email to the ASCB at abstracts@ascb.org by:

  • August 7 for abstracts submitted by the August 5 deadline.
  • September 5 for abstracts submitted by the September 3 deadline.
  • October 17 for final abstract submitters who submitted by the October 16 deadline.

If your abstract is not withdrawn by the dates above, then it will be reviewed by peers for talk or poster consideration as designated by you during the submission process. You can still write to abstracts@ascb.org by October 24 to withdraw your abstract from appearing in the Meeting Program, Poster Book, online program, online searchable PDF of the abstracts, or the supplement to Molecular Biology of the Cell. After this date, any submitted abstracts that are withdrawn may still appear in the Meeting Program, and the supplement to Molecular Biology of the Cell, but the ASCB will do its best to remove it from the online program.

All withdraw requests must confirm that all authors have been notified and agree with the decision to withdraw.

Note: Abstracts that have been submitted successfully and paid for will not be refunded, even if they are withdrawn.

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