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Should the presenting author be the submitter of the abstract?

Whenever possible, yes. Contact information is collected for all the authors, including the submitting and the presenting author. The ASCB sends information and notifications to the submitter of the abstract only. We prefer to correspond with the individual who will actually be presenting the abstract, if accepted. This policy ensures the presenter knows when and where to present the abstract.

Are abstracts submitted for the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting peer-reviewed?

While abstracts are screened to ensure minimum submission standards as outlined in the abstract guidelines, they are not peer-reviewed.

I successfully submitted and paid for an abstract. Does this mean I am registered to attend the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting?

No, you still have to pay for meeting registration separately. Submission of an abstract and payment of an abstract submission fee does not include 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting registration. For more information about registration click here.

I submitted my abstract and I want to go back in to edit it before the deadline. I noticed that I can no longer get into the system using my login and the ID number I was just assigned as my password. I know the number that was just assigned to me. Why is this happening?

This is happening because you most likely had a previous record in our database but created a new account using the same email address as the older account. When this occurs, the ASCB merges the new account with the old account and your password becomes the ID number associated with the old account. We send out emails to people whose accounts we merge to let them know their password/ID number has changed. If you did not receive this email, please contact ascbinfo@ascb.org , or abstracts@ascb.org to request your password/ID number.

When will I be notified regarding the disposition and scheduling of my abstract?
  • Individuals who submit an abstract by the August 5 deadline will be notified no later than September 3 if they are selected to present a talk in a Minisymposium; and no later than  September 25 if they are selected to present an ePoster talk or poster presentation.
  • Individuals who submit an abstract by the September 3 deadline will be notified no later than September 25 if they are selected to present in a poster presentation.
  • Individuals who submit an abstract by the October 16 deadline will be notified no later than October 27 if they are selected to present in a poster presentation.

The first email received by poster presenters will indicate if the poster was accepted, and provide the submitting author with the session title and date. All poster presenters will receive a second email in early November with the full details of their poster, including board number, and presentation number (for identification and citation purposes).

If you do NOT receive a notification by the dates listed above corresponding to your abstract submission, please contact abstracts@ascb.org.

Note: Because emails will only be sent to the submitter, it is their responsibility to inform all co-authors of disposition status and abstract scheduling information (if accepted).

How can I submit my abstract?

Abstracts must be submitted electronically here. Submissions are NOT accepted via fax or mail.

If I have submitted an abstract in previous years, do I need to create a new login and password?

If you are a current member of the ASCB (dues paid through December 31, 2014) you will use your member login information to access the submission site. If you are a nonmember who has previously been an ASCB member, submitted an abstract, or attended an ASCB meeting, you will need to use the login information ASCB has assigned to you at that time. You can request this information be emailed to you when you go to the website login page. Please do not create another account if you already have a nonmember account in our database. If you are a nonmember who has never submitted an abstract or registered to attend the ASCB meeting, please create a new account.

If my abstract is rejected, can I address the reviewers’ concerns and ask for a new review?

No, abstract rejections are final. If you prepare an abstract that follows the rules and guidelines for submission, then your abstract stands an excellent chance of being accepted. If you do not follow the rules and guidelines, it will be rejected and no submission fee refunds will be provided. If your abstract is rejected during the Regular Abstract Submission review (if you submitted your abstract by the August 5 or September 3 deadlines), you will still have time to make modifications and re-submit your abstract by the October 16 deadline. You will have to pay the abstract submission fee for the resubmission of your abstract. Click here to view reasons for rejection.

How much does it cost to submit an abstract?

Regular Abstracts (August 5 and September 3 deadlines)- $ 75 ASCB member/ $100 nonmember
Final Abstracts (October 16 deadline) – $90 ASCB member/$125 nonmember

Please note that IFCB members will have to become ASCB members to qualify for the ASCB member rate.

How do I retrieve my password if I can’t find it?

Your password is the ID number associated with your record in our database. If you are a member or member applicant, it is also the same as your member number. If you do not know your password, click “Forgot Your Password?” on the login site. You will be prompted to enter your email address and your login information will be sent to you via email. If you still have difficulties, please contact ascbinfo@ascb.org or abstracts@ascb.org for assistance.

I need to apply for a VISA and would like an expedited abstract review for Visa-related reasons. Does the ASCB offer this?

Yes, for those who submit their abstract by the August 5 deadline. Expedited abstract review for visa applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For more information regarding expedited abstract review, please click here.

When are the deadlines for abstract submission?

The abstract submission deadlines are at 9:00 pm EDT on the following dates:

August 5 – Regular Abstracts (Minisymposium talk, Minisymposium Lightning talk, ePoster Talk, and/or Poster Consideration)
September 3 – Regular Abstracts (Poster Consideration only)
October 16 – Final Abstracts (Poster Consideration only)

What is the maximum number of words/characters my abstract can contain?

The abstract text is limited to 2,800 characters, including spaces (~400 words). This limit includes the body of the abstract only. If your abstract exceeds this limit, you will be prompted to shorten it before being allowed to continue. The abstract title is limited to 200 characters, including spaces.

New this year, a word counter will appear for both the title and the body of the abstract to show you how many characters you have entered.

Can I make additional changes/edits after I’ve completed my submission, paid, and logged out of the submission site?

Yes and no. You can make changes to your abstract text, and presentation preferences, prior to the submission deadline by logging in to the submission site and clicking on the pencil icon  next to the abstract you wish to edit. You cannot make edits to your authors once the abstract is submitted.

If it is after the deadline, and it must urgently be edited, or if you need to edit your authors, and is before the notification date associated with your submission deadline, you can contact abstracts@ascb.org to see if we can assist you. We cannot ensure or guarantee that any edits can be made after the submission deadline.

May I get a refund for my abstract submission fee?

No. The fee is a processing fee and once payment is made, it is nonrefundable. Once the abstract has been submitted and paid for, it is considered processed.

Can my abstract include a table, chart, or other type of graphic?

No, your abstract can only include text.

Can I withdraw my abstract after I complete and pay for my submission?

Yes, however, the ASCB will not provide a refund for your abstract submission fee. Please click here for more information.

If a colleague from my lab is also submitting an abstract, can we request they be presented together, or near each other?

Unfortunately the size of the meeting and the number of presentations do not allow submitters to make special requests regarding abstract presentation.

Can my abstract promote a service or commercial product?

No. An individual who wishes to promote a particular product or service is encouraged to participate as an exhibitor. The ASCB will not accept abstracts that promote a specific product without providing new biological insight.

What is the difference between Regular Poster Only (Sept. 3) and Final Poster Only (Oct. 16) abstract submission?

The only difference is the fee to submit. All abstracts submitted by October 16, 2014, and accepted for poster presentation will be grouped together in the ASCB Learning Center (formerly known as the Exhibit Hall) by topic area, rather than in a separate section.  All abstract titles and authors will be published together in a separate publication available onsite called the Poster Guide.

All abstracts will be available to search and review online at least 3-4 weeks prior to the meeting. An online PDF of the Poster Guide, will be available as well. All abstracts will also be published as a supplement to Molecular Biology of the Cell following the meeting.

How should the title of my abstract be entered into the submission site?

When entering your title, only capitalize the first letter of the sentence. You should also capitalize any proper nouns or words that need to be capitalized, e.g., trade names. Please do not bold the title or use all UPPERCASE letters, and do not put your title in quotation marks. Be sure to italicize scientific names of organisms.

I am the first author of an abstract and I am unable to attend the meeting. What should I do?

Although the first author is the preferred presenter, any co-author on the abstract may present without having to notify the ASCB. The presenter must be a co-author on the abstract. If none of the co-authors can attend the ASCB meeting, please notify the ASCB at abstracts@ascb.org as soon as possible. If you notify us before October 24, we can remove it from the Meeting Program and all publications. If we are notified after this deadline, we may not be able to remove it from our publications or web site.

The abstract I submitted has three authors from two different affiliations but my online proofread view of the author block shows three affiliations (instead of two). Did I do something wrong?

Yes. If you and your co-authors come from more than one affiliation, be sure to copy the affiliation from the other authors in the same institution. If an affiliation is showing up more than once, it is because the affiliation is typed differently for each author so it is being recognized as a separate affiliation.  Please review the author block by clicking on “Preview Author Block “ before continuing to the Submission step. The way the title and author block appear in the proofread view is how it will appear in all ASCB publications. If it is incorrect, please go back to the author step and edit the author blocks appropriately.

I lost my badge. What do I do?

You will be able to obtain a replacement badge onsite for a fee of $15 at the Badge Replacement counter during registration hours. If you lose the second badge and need a third, you will need to re-register for the meeting and pay the onsite registration fee. A photo ID is necessary in both cases.

What are my options with regards to presentation preference?

There are only presentation preference options for the first deadline on August 5, 2014. The other two deadlines allow only submission for poster consideration.  For the first deadline, your options are as follows:

Minisymposium Talk*: Abstract will ONLY be considered for a Minisymposium talk, Minisymposium Lightning talk (if you select this option during submission), or ePoster talk (if you select this option during submission). If your abstract is not selected for a talk, it will be rejected. Refunds are not provided.

Minisymposium Talk or Poster*: Abstract will be considered for a Minisymposium talk; if not selected for a talk, it will automatically be considered for a poster presentation. It may also be considered for a Minisymposium Lightning talk or an ePoster Talk if you elected to be considered for one or both of these during the submission process. If you are selected for a Minisymposium talk, Minisymposium Lightning talk or ePoster talk, you will not present a poster.

Minisymposium Talk and Poster*: Abstract will be considered for a Minisymposium talk (or Minisymposium Lightning talk or ePoster talk, if you select one of both of these options during submission) and for a poster presentation. This option allows participation in both categories, talk and poster. Even if your abstract is selected for a Minisymposium talk, Minisymposium Lightning talk, or ePoster talk, you will be expected to also present a poster. If you are NOT selected for a talk, you will automatically be considered for a poster.

Poster Only: Your abstract will be considered for a poster presentation only.

* If you are submitting an abstract for the first deadline (August 5), and you selected one of the options with an * above, you will be asked if you would like to be considered to present a Minisymposium Lightning talk (a shorter talk in a Minisymposium session) or in our ePoster talks in the ASCB Learning Center if you are not selected for a Minisymposium talk.

For more information on Presentation Formats, click here.

What are the abstract topics?

To view the abstract submission topics for Minisymposia, ePoster Talks, and Posters, please click here.

What is the difference between the presentation preferences Minisympoisum Talk OR Poster and Minisymposium Talk AND Poster?

Minisymposium talk OR poster means you will EITHER be presenting a talk (Minisymposium, Minisymposium Lightning or ePoster) or a poster. You will first be considered for a talk, and if you are selected you will present a talk only. If you are NOT selected for a talk, then your abstract will be considered for an ePoster talk or a poster presentation.

Minisymposium talk AND poster means that you will be considered for a talk. If you are selected to present a talk you will present BOTH a talk and a poster. If you are NOT selected to present a talk, you will still be considered for an ePoster talk and poster presentation.

Does the ASCB offer a poster printing service for poster presenters?

Yes. Makesigns.com will be the ASCB’s poster printing service for the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting.

Information about the Poster Printing Service will be emailed to all poster presenters in their notification emails.

You can click here for more information, including pricing and deadlines.

Why must the submitting/presenting author provide financial/commercial disclosure information for ALL authors?

The ASCB requires that audiences be informed of speakers’, authors’, and contributors’ academic and professional affiliations, and disclosures of the existence of any significant financial interest or other relationship presenters have with the manufacturer(s) of any commercial product(s) discussed in a presentation. This policy allows the listener/attendee to be fully informed when evaluating the information being presented. It is the submitting author’s (who may also be the presenting author) responsibility to disclose any conflicts of interest for the authors on his/her abstract.

How can I view the abstracts before the meeting?

Abstracts will be available on the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting website in a searchable PDF and via an itinerary planner in mid-November. They will also be accessible via our mobile app three to four weeks prior to the meeting.

When entering the abstract text, should I include the title and author information?

Please do not include the title and author information in the abstract text box. They must be entered separately in the title and author sections only.

How can I cite my abstract after the meeting?

A PDF file of abstracts from the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting will be published in the December 15, 2014, issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell. Subsequently they can be cited in this format:

Smith AB, Jones CD (2014). Abstract title. Mol. Biol. Cell 25, page # (Abstract #XXXX).

XXXX = the PRESENTATION number assigned to your abstract in early November – NOT the abstract ID number you received when you first submitted your abstract.

View the Abstract License and Publication Agreement.

Can I make additional changes after I’ve completed my submission and logged out of the site?

As long as it is prior to the deadline, you can make changes to your abstract text and presentation preferences by logging in to the submission site and clicking on the pencil icon  next to the abstract you wish to edit.

If it is after the deadline ,and it must urgently be edited, and is before the notification date associated with your submission deadline, you can contact abstracts@ascb.org to see if we can assist you. We cannot ensure or guarantee that any edits can be made after the submission deadline.

Once an abstract is submitted, edits to the authors are not possible without contacting abstracts@ascb.org.

Who is eligible to submit an abstract for consideration by the ASCB?

Abstracts are welcome from scientists and students in all sectors including academia, industry, government, and education. Both members and nonmembers of the Society are able to submit abstracts, however, there is a higher fee for nonmember submission. Therefore, we encourage you to become a member of the Society to save on abstract and registration fees. New this year, you can join the Society during the abstract submission process, and pay for your membership dues and abstract at the same time.

How do I get confirmation that my submission is complete?

You will receive two emails once your submission is complete. The first email will confirm that your abstract was successfully submitted and will be emailed to you for your records upon completion of submission. The second email will contain a receipt for payment information. If you do not receive an either of these email confirmations, please contact the ASCB office as soon as possible at abstracts@ascb.org.

Do I have to be a member to submit an abstract?

No, you do not have to be a member to submit an abstract. Additionally, new this year, we have also removed the requirements for sponsorship from a member. Therefore, members and nonmembers may both submit as many abstracts as they wish, but a higher fee will apply for nonmembers.

How do I get a payment receipt for my submission?

A confirmation with payment information will be automatically emailed to you following successful submission and payment. If you misplace this receipt at any time, you can contact abstracts@ascb.org to request another copy.

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